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Various products of DVS Yogurt Starter Cultures, providing product images and basic parameters with each Set Yogurt and Stirred Yogurt; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of DVS Yogurt Starter Cultures, and look forward to your cooperation!

DVS Yogurt Starter Cultures

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    Set Yogurt Starter Culture

    Set Yoghurt Starter Culture are made of a variety of selected strains. The characteristics of this tpye are high fermented speed, fast acidified capacity, short structure and the flavor is soft or traditional. Advantage: 1. Huge strains resource base, over thousands of clear features strains; 2. Possess patent strains, rich and activate probiot...
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DVS Yogurt Starter Cultures

DVS yogurt starter cultures are probiotics powder used to make different kinds of yogurt, no need to inoculation and put them directly into milk, easily to use. DVS yogurt starter cultures make your life more convenient and beautiful.

There is a great range of thickness and texture in yogurt. The culture used, the culturing temperature and time, and the type of milk used all contribute to the consistency and texture of yogurt. Yogurt may be thin enough to drink or thick enough to hold its shape on a plate. For a very thick, Greek-style yogurt, draining whey is necessary. Yogurt can also be ropy, creamy, or gelatinous. These variations are due mostly to the type of bacteria in the culture.

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